ONICE Noppakow Herbal Soap


Natural Herbal Soap made in Thailand

Are you suffering from skin problems like pimples, fungus, itchy-skin, skin-allergies, bacteria or bad smells? Our ONICE Noppakow Herbal Soap can help you to get rid of these problems. Furthermore, our herbal soap also has a peeling effect, so it can help you to remove small talc particles from the pores of your skin, by simply rubbing the soap on your skin. All nine herbs in our soap are of the highest quality.

This product is produced in Thailand under Thai FDA standards.



Natural Scrub Soap for treating skin diseases

The ONICE Noppakow Herbal Soap is not just a face soap! Our natural soap is crafted with natural ingredients. We use natural soap colorants to tint our products, eliminating the need for harmful additives. As a natural soap company, we’re focused on delivering our elegant natural bar soaps all over the world. We’re highly focused on using natural ingredients like Vitex Trifolia, which helps to neutralize various toxins.

It can help you remove fungi that can often hide within our skin, and Coccinia Grandis to help prevent cell degeneration and rashes on the surface of the skin. These natural ingredients are working very well for our customers, and we’re proud to name them as primary ingredients of our natural soap.

Nourish Your Skin with Melasma Treatment Soap

If you’re interested in trying out the ultimate melasma treatment soap, the ONICE Noppakow Herbal Soap is the perfect solution for you. Our soap is crafted with natural moisturizers derived from natural elements. This will help you to cure melasma with a natural process when using the soap on a daily basis.

We’re highly committed to only using safe, natural materials to craft our soap because we see the benefits in promoting healthy, additive-free soap products specifically designed to nourish skin naturally. Our non-irritating nourishing formula helps to eliminate skin diseases and unwanted smells with natural herbs.


Detailed information about the ingredients

Amomum Biflorum Jack

Amomum Biflorum Jack helps with skin whitening and reduces dark spots, acne and freckles. Antioxidant and aromatic.


Tanaka prevents acne, melasma, dark spots and protects the skin from UV rays.

Licorice Antioxidants & Anti-Microbes

Licorice antioxidants and anti-microbes help to reduce skin inflammatory, dark spots and freckles. It whitens skin for a young and radiant look.


Menthol helps to reduce inflammation.

Vitex Trifolia

Vitex Trifolia helps to neutralize various toxins and fungus on the skin.

Coccinia Grandis

Coccinia Grandis prevents cell degeneration, rashes and serves as deodorant.

Artocarpus Lacucha

Artocarpus Lacucha helps skin whitening and prevents melasma.

Curcuma Aromatica

Curcuma Aromatica nourishes skin, is filled with antioxidants and relieves irritation.


Borneol has a cold scent, works against diseases and reduces skin inflammation and swelling.

Additional information

Weight 92 g
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 4 cm


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