ONICE Partner/Affiliate Program

Create a second income with ONICE

Create an extra income by partnering with Thailand’s fastest growing beauty brand!

ONICE`s online shop offers you an easy way to make money on your social media profiles or your own website by using our affiliate program. You can earn up to 10% on every sale which will be created through your affiliate link.

How does it work?

  1. Register your affiliate/partner account on our website (at the end of this page!)
  2. Get your own affiliate links in your private member area on our website
  3. Share your own affiliate links on social media, messengers or your website, with your friends
  4. Every time somebody clicks on your link and buys one or more products on www.onicebeauty.com, your will earn 10% of the money the customer has spend
  5. Build your own sales team by inviting your friends to become a ONICE affiliate partner and earn 10% on every sale they are generating

Why you should use the ONICE partner program?

  • No initial investments
  • It’s totally risks free
  • High commissions on all sales
  • Build your own team and earn money every time your team members make a sale
  • Real time reporting stats in your members section
  • High quality products of a well-known brand
  • Professional and quick support

It`s easy and free to register! Start earn money with us now!

Success Stories

My name is Aramsri Amrungsakulrat and I`m a housewife who wanted to work from home. I was always looking for opportunities and good quality products. I believe, that that the key success of a product will come from using natural extracts. Before I`ve started, I studied a lot about the products of ONICE, contacted the owner and tested everything on my own.

After I`ve started to sell ONICE products, I realized that I get many 2nd and 3rd orders. This is one of the reasons why ONICE is a good product for sustainable sales. Furthermore, its very easy to work with Affiliate Program of ONICE. Register, wait for confirmation, create your affiliate links and share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Line, WeChat, get money.

During the last months I`ve created a second income, very easily. Now I have more money, without hard work and I`m learning a lot about selling on the Internet.

Aramsri Amrungsakulrat

I am a person looking for opportunities and I wanted to find a freelance job which gave me to option to work together with my regular job. I was looking for selling products online, but It had to be a good product that everyone needs and can see real results. Furthermore I wanted my customers to buy the products again, after their initial purchase. Then I found the products of ONICE.

The products of this fast growing brand offered me exactly what I was searching for. For example the ONICE Miracle Hair Serum. Its the best selling product on channel 5 and I already sold a lot of it to my customers. During the last months I`ve created a dealer system, which allows me to earn even more money, because every time one of my dealers is making a sale, I will earn as well. Now I have more than 100 customer and my income is growing. I can recommend anybody who has a regularly job, to try the affiliate system of ONICE.

Chaovalit Maneekuljitprasas

I`m a business owner who`s always looking to find a good chance to earn more money. A while ago ONICE took my attention. I saw results from someone who used the ONICE Miracle Hair Serum and the result was incredible. I`ve discovered that ONICE is a company which gives people the opportunity to solve their problems by the use of natural products which really works.

A few weeks after this experience I made the decision to start to sale the products of ONICE on the Internet, through their affiliate program. Now after more than 6 months, I have an income of more than hundred thousand baht per month. With my latest dealer expansion I´m earning more and more every week.

Phattarawadee Thongvijit