ONICE Miracle Hair Shampoo


Natural herbal shampoo made from Thai herbs

Onice Miracle Hair Shampoo is a shampoo for those who are experiencing the following problems:

  • Sensitive or damaged hair
  • Hair loss
  • Itchiness hair
  • Oily hair or unusual oily scalp
  • Dandruff


Carefully selected Thai herbs

With natural ingredients and natural scent, Onice Miracle Shampoo is the most popular shampoo available on the market today. By using the Onice Miracle Hair Shampoo regularly, your hair and scalp will be detoxed, while it will also help wash away all the leftover chemicals and impurities on your hair and scalp. Our shampoo is a product, made from Thai herbs and manufactured in Thailand under FDA standards.

This herbal shampoo is a product made by Thai traditional medicine for hair loss. Although it may not be the best shampoo in the world, it might be the best shampoo for those who are experiencing various hair-related problems. With this product, we can help you solve those problems in no time.


Herbal shampoo for men and women

Onice Miracle Shampoo is truly our miraculous shampoo. Many customers exclaim that this shampoo is the best shampoo they have ever used. Due to the gentle nature of the product, it is suitable for those who want to take extra care of their hair.

Produced for both men and women from meticulous preparation of various natural extracts. You might have seen some reviews from real Onice Shampoo users, or you might be one of the people who are simply looking for a good shampoo. Either way, you have come to the right place!

To carefully crafted our shampoo, we have skillfully gathered and made use of natural herbs. Here is another option for those who are looking for products that helps nourish the hair you love. With Onice Miracle Shampoo, you will be entrusted with a product that is both safe-to-use and effective in naturally treating hair loss with a simple method.


Which brand of shampoo is suitable for a mold problem on your scalp?

Have you ever searched for the best shampoo in the world for treating scalp fungal on the internet? Onice proudly presents our new anti-fungal shampoo, Onice Miracle Shampoo.

Made with a cool formula to give you a refreshing feeling and nice-smelling hair all-day long after a shower, it can also absorb dirt and toxins and help to get rid of pesticide residues which are the cause of hair loss, as well as calming the itchy, irritated scalp and reducing the mold growth.

With all the amazing benefits packed in this one bottle, Onice Miracle Shampoo is sure to be the shampoo that meets all your needs and can help solve your problems.


Dandruff shampoo

There are many dandruff shampoos out there, but how does one choose and decide which brand to buy? Our Onice Miracle Shampoo is a natural dandruff shampoo that has been proven by real users all over the country to be effective for treating hair-related problems.

If you are looking for a brand of shampoo to buy, look no further. You are guaranteed to see incredible changes after using our shampoo. We have extracted natural substances from over 9 kinds of natural extract, including bergamot.

Bergamot is the extract that helps to calm and to moisturize the irritated scalp, reducing dandruff, as well as effectively helps to reduce the itching and the inflammation on the scalp.


Detailed information about the ingredients

Vitex trifolia

It can reduce allergic actions to chemicals, help to treat skin diseases caused by fungal infections, and preventing dandruff manifestation on the scalp. It can also help to reduce unpleasant odors.




It can treat old scars or scaly patches and help to reduce the leftover toxins on the scalp. It can also prevent mold and reduce hair loss.



Butterfly pea flowers

Containing antioxidants, it can help thicken the hair as well as it is a popular extract in the ingredients of shampoo for hair loss.



Asiatic Pennywort

It can reduce inflammation, stimulate blood circulation on the scalp, and contribute to the continuous formation of new hair cells.




It can stimulate blood circulation, helps to get the oil production on the scalp under control, and stimulating new hair cells. It also helps to eliminate toxins and chemical residues on the scalp, as well as contributing to faster hair regrowth.



Peppermint flakes

Reducing inflammation, head itching, and hair loss. Moreover, it also reduces skin diseases or dandruff on the scalp, as well as helps stimulating blood circulation which strengthens the hair roots.




Anti-itching shampoo that nourishes and improves the hair texture to be soft, grease-free, and shiny. Maintaining the balance, reducing oil on the scalp, and significantly increasing hair growth activity. It also helps in reducing hair loss.




Can absorb toxins or chemical residues on the scalp. Most effective on those whose hair has been dyed or exposed to chemicals regularly. Cleansing off unwanted odors from your hair.




This herb has a natural fragrance. It helps to nourish the hair, neutralizing free radicals, and revitalizing the state of your scalp. Helps to enhance the growth of your voluminous and shiny hair and can also stimulating blood circulation on the scalp very well.

Additional information

Weight 234 g
Dimensions 5 × 16 × 4 cm


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