ONICE Miracle Hair Shampoo

The Best Natural Shampoo On The Market

Our Miracle Hair Shampoo is the best natural shampoo on the market, without question. Our specially curated selection of herbs, natural ingredients, and natural scents allows our formula to stand out from the competition. ONICE works to create safe, natural, and organic beauty products that have all of the same finesse that the popular brand name products have, but without the environmental risks and without the health risks. With ONICE, our natural shampoo is specifically designed to not only compete with those brand name products, but to perform better too! Give it a shot for yourself, and trust us, you’ll never go back to that brand name shampoo ever again.


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Product Information


100% Herbal Shampoo

The ONICE Miracle Hair Shampoo is a 100% herbal shampoo product. Crafted with only the finest natural herbs and ingredients, our Miracle Hair Shampoo is the safest hair product currently on the market, and its benefits extend far beyond an environmental standpoint. Because we use natural herbs to craft our shampoo, we are able to offer our clients a healthy alternative to the shampoo products they can currently find on the shelves of their local drug store. With ONICE, you’re getting a safe product made from all natural materials and herbs; what could be better than that?


Battle Fungus With ONICE Miracle Hair Shampoo

Have you been searching all over for the best scalp fungus shampoo? ONICE is here with your new solution. Our new shampoo is derived from a cool, mental formula that has the ability to absorb dirt and toxins, eliminate chemical residues that cause hair to die and fall out, reduce itchiness and irritations, as well as remove fungus from the scalp. With all of these amazing benefits combined into a single product, you can rest assured knowing that the ONICE Miracle Hair Shampoo is the all-in-one hair solution.



So, what causes dandruff? How do you remove dandruff? Is there a dandruff cure? Our Miracle Hair Shampoo is the best anti-dandruff shampoo currently on the market because it begins fighting dandruff before it even forms. By ensuring that your scalp is fully hydrated at all times, you can best protect yourself against flakes, irritation, and dandruff. For instance, Kaffir Lime helps to reduce itchiness on the scalp by nourishing hair enough to make it feel softer and smoother. By keeping the scalp clean and protecting against other allergens, you can help to prevent the buildup of dandruff with each application.


Detailed information about the ingredients

Vitex Trifolia

Treats skin diseases, irritation, fungal, unpleasant odors, reduces toxins, and blisters from chemical allergies.

Coccinia Grandis

Treats old ulcers on scalp and toxins, reduces irritation from fungus, controls hair loss, and washes out toxins on the scalp.

Butterfly flower

Makes black hair shine with antioxidants.


Helps reduce inflammatory and stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and regrows new hair.


Helps improve blood circulation to reduce oily scalp and creates new hair cells. It helps clean toxins on the scalp and revitalizes old hair and new hair.


Reduces skin inflammatory, skin diseases, irritation on the scalp, and helps improve blood circulation.

Kaffir Lime

Reduces itching scalp, nourishes the hair to make it soft and smooth and helps the scalp stay clean, hypoallergenic, accelerating long hair and controls hair fall.


Helps detoxify the scalp and from the hair dye, anti-inflammatory and eliminates odors.


Is a fragrant herb. Helps nourish the hair, anti-oxidant and restores the scalp to make the new hair black and improves blood circulation.


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Additional information

น้ำหนัก234 g
ขนาด5 × 16 × 4 mm


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