ONICE Hair Repair Treatment Mask

The Best Natural Hair Mask On The Market

Along with our handmade natural soaps and our Miracle Hair Shampoo, ONICE is also proud to offer our customers the best natural hair mask on the market, the ONICE Hair Repair Treatment Mask. This exceptional moisturizing hair mask will completely revitalize your hair, providing much needed moisture and hydration to ensure that your hair remains clean, soft, and lush for the foreseeable future. In addition, our Hair Repair Treatment Mask is the best hair mask for frizzy hair, dry hair, curly hair, or hair suffering from dandruff. It is made from entirely natural materials and ingredients, derived right from the earth itself. It works to deeply moisturize your inner hair immediately, while also restoring dry and damaged hair. After your first application, you can be sure that you’ll walk away with smooth, shiny, and sleek hair with a strong base that’ll last for days.




Product Information


Damaged Hair Treatment

Has your hair been damaged from excessive sunlight, excessive heat from a blow dryer, excessive curling, or excessive chemical use? If so, the ONICE Hair Repair Treatment Mask is the perfect damaged hair treatment for you. When combined with our Miracle Hair Shampoo, our Hair Repair Treatment Mask will fully revitalize, restore, and rebuild even the most severely damaged hair. In fact, it can even work to restore hair damaged by bleach, split ends, and dangers hair processes and products. Our Hair Repair Treatment Mask will help to give even the most damaged head of hair a brand new look after just one application.


Dry Hair Treatment

Do you suffer from overly dry hair? Is it tough to keep moisture locked in, even in the winter months when the humidity dips? That’s because our hair craves moisture – it needs it. And if we don’t provide it with a healthy source of moisture and hydration, it’ll dry out frequently, become brittle, and may even die. Here at ONICE, our Hair Repair Treatment Mask is specifically designed to provide the healthiest alternative to the other brand name dry hair treatment masks currently available on the market. Because our mask is handmade from all natural and organic materials and ingredients, you can rest assured knowing that you’re giving your hair much needed hydration through a completely natural process.


Let Your Hair Shine

The ONICE Hair Repair Treatment Mask is designed to let your hair shine brighter than ever before after only one application. By providing thorough hydration and moisture to your hair from the tips to the roots, you will immediately begin to see the effects!

The ONICE Hair Repair Treatment Mask works to make your hair smoother than ever before with a fully hydrating and moisturizing treatment. Trust us, if you want smooth, silky hair, this is exactly how you get it!



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