Exclusive & natural beauty products from Thailand

My name is Nasikan Narakoonpipat and I found the WORK FOURTH RICH CO., LTD in 2016, in Thailand, the land of beauty. When I started I was driven by passion for beauty (and of course I`m still today). The goal of my company is to contribute to eliminating all problems related to hair care, skin care and body care by the use of natural products.

To achieve this mission, I launched my own brand called ONICE, after extensive research, and by cooperating and supervising by the leading specialists in the beauty industry in Thailand and in South Korea. I also build up a team of experts, doctors, marketers and sales persons who are helping me and my brand to get bigger and expand to other countries.

ONICE includes a unique range of hair care, skin care and body care products, designed using the finest ingredients from around the world and using the latest technologies to maximize the efficiency. We are always using natural ingredients for the safety and the satisfaction of our customers.

Today, ONICE is one of the leading beauty brands in Thailand, after being admired by everyone who used them. In 2018, the ONICE hair growth serum already received numerous awards and became one of the most sold beauty products on Thai TV.


“ONICE – because just nice, is not nice enough”


Narsikarn Narakoonpipat


Nasikarn Narakoonpipat is ONICE‘s CEO and has more than 15 years of experience in marketing management for radio and television. Beside ONICE she`s also working for the Army’s television network and the Thai television global network which is broadcasted in over 177 countries.

Amporn Namnai


Amporn Namnai is ONICE`s project sale manager with more than 10 years of experience. She has a Master Degree of Environment from Mahidol University. She is responsible for the management and expansion of ONICE.

Mark Etting


Mark Etting is ONICE`s online marketing manager with more than 12 years of experience in online marketing topics like SEO, SEA and affiliate marketing. He is responsible for the online marketing strategy, the website and the affiliate system of ONICE.